Victoria Burkhardt



When Victoria first tried yoga she was aided only by her natural curiosity and a library book. It was a slow, blossoming five years of intermittent practice before she realized the connection between yoga and life. Typically drawn to more intense forms of exercise like running and biking, she believed yoga was just stretching and relaxation. Through continued exploration she found the challenge she craved along with deep focus, body awareness, and creative expression. As her practice evolved, she began to notice the parallels of yoga and everyday life.


As a teacher, Victoria motivates students to approach yoga with an open mind and adventurous, playful spirit. Her classes are challenging and creative with a strong emphasis on alignment and synchronizing breath with movement. Upon completing her 200 hour certification at Charm City Yoga, Victoria learned the importance of being completely present in your yoga practice and your life. She hopes to share these lessons with her students as they experience yoga together.