I came to yoga as a supplement to running, biking and love for outdoor activities.  Doubtful yoga would provide the same physical results, I found it delivered them along with a new found connection to body awareness and mindfulness.  The yoga practice offered the same intensity while grounded my focus internally and directing my mind to each breath and movement.  Eventually, yoga lured me by teaching stillness in movement, challenging me to live with intention and asking the wandering mind to be present through each breath.  

I hope to motivate others who are skeptical of the practice and break misconceptions of what yoga is or is not.  You don't have to be strong, flexible or athletic, but simply arrive with openness to explore something new. You'll find my classes to be challenging and fun with a strong emphasis on synchronizing movement with the breath.  Expect to build full-body strength, learn alignment and leave with mental clarity from my classes.

Yoga continues to teach me the importance of being  present in my practice and life. I love sharing the parallels of yoga + life with my students. The yoga practice has taught me to live a fuller, richer life and teaching allows me to help others on this journey.