Core Workshop

May 10-11 at Epic Yoga DC

Almost all yoga poses help us connect with our core. Inversions and arm balances obviously require a lot of core strength, but even poses like twisting, balancing and folding require the core muscles. Our abs are a central force in lifting and lowering your legs to balance and deep twists. The transverse abdominis wrap around our waist from front to back and gives us better posture, stabilizing the torso and spine. When we learn how to activate all these muscles, you’ll strengthen the core from every angle. It isn’t about getting better looking abs, but supercharging your entire practice and learning how to integrate core strength into every pose.


Lost & Found by murmur

May 23 — Los Angeles — an evening of self care

Join fellow Angelenos and guests for an evening of self-care in Silver Lake. The event will take place in the lush tropical courtyard of a 1920s Mexican hacienda.

Scheduled offerings include guided meditation, led by Victoria Chase and breathwork led by Chris Keener under the stars. On-site healers will provide 20-minute treatments and our certified life coach is available for 1v1 alignment sessions in a quiet salon.

To keep you nourished, light vegetarian fare, shrub, drinking broth, and premium tea service are on tap.

Warning: Lost & Found Pop-Up may result in moments of joy, euphoria, peace, release, human connection, and transformation.